The biggest day of our lives so far

The bridal bouquet

Thanks for your well-wishes and congratulations, if you’ve made any. Me and my wife, wife! Yes, wife! …

…me and my wife are recovering from the wedding, and we’ll be returning to work in the morning. But oh what a Sunday, and oh, what a wedding!

Friends and family alike know that this was a ‘simple ROM solemnisation and dinner’ with a little extra trimming here and there, including speeches from my best man, my business partners, and myself.

We had tea ceremonies at my in-laws, in-laws! Yes, in-laws!… and then a couple of hours’ break at the hotel, where, despite the madness that had been the preparation, or lack of, of the wedding, my fiancée nestled her head in my chest and closed her eyes to nap the last couple of hours before we were married, and I was an oasis of calm.

Then, she yelled at me, saying, ‘dammit, I can’t sleep like that when you’re heart is pounding so loudly!’

The rings
The rings

And in other news…

Picked up our marriage certificate
The marriage certificate

Picked up a parking fine as well
and the parking fine

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19 thoughts on “The biggest day of our lives so far”

  1. Congrats, Miyagi!

    I’m sure it must had been a hectic but wonderful day. 🙂

    U looked dashing in your wedding suit, the bouquet was lovely and the design of the rings was quite special.

    So any honeymoon plans?

  2. My sincere heartfelt congratulations!

    Make sure you still can run as fast as you did on the field, down the years…haaa


  3. Congratulations again to you and your beautiful wife (yes! Wife!).

    Nothing but days of fun to come. How do I know this? Because I not only love my new husband, I like him, and it seems to be the same for you and your Mrs (Yes! MRS!).

    Many blessings!!

  4. hi, happen to come across this blog and read this. Congra to you and your wife. May you both in everlasting love. God bless you both

  5. Congrats… the parking fine can appeal one… confirm.. just say you kenna queue long long… cannot get away.. “what happen if they call me when i go out?”…

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