There’s still time!

The polls close soon, but I can still catch up. Not so hard to add one digit to my score!

Here, I’ll plug another website:

BlogsMalaysia is the Malaysian version of, though by saying that, I’ve probably earned some of their ire. Because, you know, everyone wants to be original? Especially Malaysians? Because they Boh Leh?

They run on a similar (here I go again) editorial process, the board of which consists of such luminaries as Kenny Sia, Cowboy Caleb (yes, he’s Malaysian) and um, others. (This is a good chance to get to know some Malaysian blogs by name).

Apparently, they’re more discerning when it comes to approving posts submitted, probably learning from’s ‘difficulties’ (sorry ah, Malaysian brudders and sistas). This is intended to ensure the quality of posts published – and there are few – only 3 a day or so.

You don’t have to be Malaysian to register as a contributor, you just have to contribute Malaysia-related articles.

I’ll take her sms vote!

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