Help lick special needs
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It could be too early in the morning for me, but I thought the headline meant we were going to be able to buy Zoe Tay stamps. My mind’s eye filled with silly headlines before I read on and realised we weren’t going to be able to lick the back of Zoe Tay.

Not that I was disappointed that that wasn’t the case, because CNA says this Kidz 4 Kidz My Stamp programme of stamps will “feature themes like popular movies, television shows and cartoon characters.”

Furthermore, Singpost’s website says the stamp series “showcases the irresistible smiles of celebrities’ kids!”

Whatever you feel about putting your kids’ faces on stamps and letting the public buy them, this is for charity – proceeds go to the Community Chest’s Early Intervention Programme for infants and children.

So if you’re still inclined to send out paper greeting cards – go down to Singpost and ask the nice lady at the counter for these stamps. Better yet, buy four. Just so’s you can say “Four Kidz Four Kidz MyStamp Stamps please”, and see if people think you’re having hiccups.