Sorry for spoiling your Sunday appetite

Sorry for spoiling your appetite
“Blueberry Hotcakes…PAGE28… …Mr Miyagi blogs in the toilet… PAGE 2”

Fluffy blueberry hotcakes together with fluffy story about how blogs are deadly in yesterday’s Sunday Times, where Xiaxue, Cowboy Caleb, Kenny Sia and myself were interviewed via email.

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Just follow the instructions

The decor’s nothing to shout about, the ventilation is horrible, the waiting staff aren’t trained to smile but the food is still good. Naomi and I had one of our first dates there, announced our engagement to our would-be wedding party there, and of course, ate till we burst each time.

Last night, we took Naomi’s mum and aunt from overseas to Shashlik Restaurant because we couldn’t think of anywhere else to go to that didn’t require too much traveling, and then we remembered, when you’re out of ideas for a good meal, just follow the instructions:

Prepare to smell like cooked beef!
Beef Shashlik medium rare
Banana flambee

Here’s hoping that this institution will be around for our own kids or grandkids to take us out to, even if we have to get them to mince the beef for us.

Shashlik Restaurant
545 Orchard Road #06-19
Far East Shopping Centre (map)
Singapore 238882
Tel:6732 6401, 6734 3090


Real entrepreneur
Entrepreneur at Trevi Fountain

Couple of things. Firstly, we decided to head to Wheelock Place after dinner so that I could pop up the stairs to DBS at Liat Tower to drop off a cheque, and then we could browse a bit at Borders after that.

At the self-banking lobby at DBS, I finally found the cheque drop box, which had a note above it saying that the quick cheque deposit box service had “merged” with the one at Plaza Singapura, all of 2km away. Not happy with the development at the bank, I trudged down the stairs to complain to Naomi, who appeared to be in conversation with a young boy of about 14.

She wasn’t in conversation, it turned out. She couldn’t have understood a thing he said because all he said while brandishing three ballpoint pens were, “something something project something something sixty dollars something something give me something something generosity”.

Now that I was clued in on such scams, I asked the boy what project this was, and he said, “something something enterpreneurship something something success depend on you something something”.

On further probing about his school, he said, “something something can’t reveal that because something something misrepresentation something something park mall”.

At this point, I think the boy realised there wasn’t going to be a sale, and after I confirmed that fact, walked away back to his fellow “project mates”, who appeared to be showing and telling some other pedestrians on the Orchard Road sidewalk.

Nabeh, think you can con me again? No! Understand?

Intelligent road stud will teach you to cross the road safely

Intelligent Road Stud?
“This, prescription is how you stop a car” – Photo by w stosime

OzLady rejoiced when she read that the LTA “will be implementing new intelligent road studs at selected junctions… to enhance the safety of pedestrians…”