Congratulations Singapore Gymnastics team!

A gold medal at the SEA Games may not figure much in the international sporting arena, but it’s an important step for the sport of gymnastics.

Even more importantly, it goes to show that if you put in bits of the right stuff in your preparation, you’re very likely to succeed where $3 million into a soccer team with a whole load of foreign names won’t.

So, come on, Singapore Sports Council, let’s keep supporting the right people and help local athletes in lesser known sports. Especially sports which don’t resemble a money-making venture.

Congratulations again, Singapore Gymnastics team. Then again, watching you train week-in, week-out, me and my colleagues always knew you were gonna do well.

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Sound of Thunder Tea Rice

Thunder Tea RiceLunch hours are a drag if you work in the CBD. You have a choice between having really expensive sandwiches in a quiet cafe or reasonably cheap rice and three questionable dishes with 27,542 other CBD workers. So you either spend $15 or $3, depending on whether you brought tissue paper to chope a seat at one of the ubiquitous lunch halls.

It was reasonable weather to walk more than a block for lunch yesterday, so I walked two blocks towards Carl’s Jr.’s, but I saw the lunch crowd (at 12.45pm) there and decided I wasn’t gonna wait more than 5 minutes for a $10 meal.

Across the lane from Carl’s were several lunch halls slash coffee shops which had a few empty tables that didn’t have packets of tissue paper on them, which meant no one had reserved them yet. So I went and sat down. Then I got up to get food. Then I kept looking back at my un-choped seat and cursed myself for not bringing a packet of tissue paper.

Luckily, there was a food stall which was quite near my vacant seat, so I could rush the two steps there, get my food, and rush back before anyone could toss a packet of tissue on the table. (Seriously, I’ve seen people aim and toss a pack of tissues to reserve their seat. Even funnier when they miss).

You know it’s a good lunch hour when the weather’s reasonable, you manage to get a seat and buy a lunch that is slightly different from the usual fare. Well, it sounds different:

Thunder Tea Rice. Maybe it sounds less fierce in Chinese. Try it in Hokkien, and say it to your mother and see if she slaps you or not.

Actually, not bad lah. For $3.50, I had the brown rice version of TTR, which is actually some rice with lots of diced vegetables, some tofu, some ikan bilis, some peanuts, and a bowl of green muck which looks like condensed green tea with some mint.

I read here that it’s the meal of dieting “admin executives”:

Initially when I look at the Thunder Tea that serve at the stall, I hesitate when I look at the colour, but after trying it several times, the thunder tea is a very good food with all the natural ingredients used without any flavourings. The food really helps in my diet as it is a truly “Slimming tea” and it is affordable as well. I do not have to pay to go slimming centre now. Taking the food daily help in my figure. Two thumbs up for the food. For all ladies looking for a slim figure without any physical and mental suffering, I would recommend to take this food regularly. Not only that, the staff at the stall are all very friendly and warm person. It just makes you feel like having a meal with your family.

-Shirley Oh, Admin Executive

It was only after I read the review from “Mdm Doris Tan, Civil Servant”, that I had any inkling as to why it might have been named Thunder Tea Rice:

For those suffering from constipation, I would strongly recommend it. I can enjoy the good food without paying high price.

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Wintertime Blues from the album “Master of Disaster” by John Hiatt of which I have the original CD.

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Excellent choice

Straits Times 7 Sep 05

Splashed on the front of the Straits Times, because it’s really important, was the news that MINDEF has agreed to purchase the Boeing F-15 Strike Eagle as their next fighter plane.

ST describes the F-15 Strike Eagle:

“…twin-engined fighter jet that carries two crew and is designed to knock enemy planes out of the sky and attack targets on land and sea with precision guided weapons”.

Good buy, Mindef! You really know what you’re looking for in a fighter plane. No getting sold by them cupholders and CD stackers!

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Wah, sian lah!

You really don’t want to see this in the mail (ok, not really, cos nowsaday so hi-tech, they sms you and ask you to go online and retrieve PDF file, but still…) when you’re dead tired from work:

SAF 100 again!
OK, it’s only for half a day, but still…

No time for nuffin’, except maybe some more Red Bull.

Kratingdaeng 250 OK!
It’s Kratingdaeng 250 OK! Don’t muck around!

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Wahira from the album “Cachaito” by Orlando “Cachaito” Lopez of which I have the original CD.

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Press the Face III: Janice Wong’s book about Janice Wong

Janice Wong emailed me last week about getting Tomorrow.SG to feature her new book. So, I’ll blog about it to give it a chance to be tomorrowed, cos y’know, you don’t just publish a book and hope to get it tomorrowed on its own. It needs to be blogged about first, right?

So, here, I blog it. Janice Wong’s book. And it’s called “SPG: Single Picky Girl: A Collection of Columns”.

I haven’t read it ‘cos she hasn’t sent me a copy, so I can’t tell you if it’s good or not. Apparently I can get a copy if I win a ‘why I should win a copy of Janice Wong’s book’ contest. Apparently I can join the contest by writing a 41-word paragraph about why I should win a copy of Janice Wong’s book.

Apparently, I can write a paragraph, like so:

I should win a copy of Janice Wong’s book because I need to have a copy of the book so I can blog about it, so that someone else can submit it to, so that more people will read it.

And then I can email her the paragraph and she will inform me whether I’ve won or not. But till then, I really can’t tell you if the book’s worth buying. It’s not out till 14th September.

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Haere ra e Hine from the album “Maori Songs” by Kiri Te Kanawa of which I have the original CD.