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A few days ago Tym left a comment clueing me in on, and like her and her friend Lucian, I think I have found the replacement for and every other online bus/train route planner our fine transport companies are struggling to put up. simply rocks! I’ve been using it for a few days to plan my (driving) routes, and the bus and train information it comes up with in a jiffy makes me want to take buses and trains for when I don’t really need to use the car.

Plus, after I blogged about Angus Steak House, I tacked the restaurant’s information on their map, and a couple of hours later, Jeremy Soh from emailed to thank me for contributing to what they must have planned to be a treasure trove of user-contributed information.

As for what the site can do to improve, I threw a spanner in the works and tried to plan a route from Orchard Road to KLCC in KL. It returned a tentative “Drive” instruction, with the option of “Try avoiding ERP”, while the spinning thing on the page has been spinning for the last 15 minutes, and I hope I haven’t broken anything.

Map woes is still grappling with some issues, and although I’ve been loathe to use it for navigational purposes, I’ve found it useful lately as a business directory when I’ve searched for businesses like furniture repairers and shit.

Today, instead of a blank rectangle where the map usually appears after a painful wait of several seconds, the people who run have put in what they think is a message that, by way of what they think is humour, placate people looking for directions to far flung places in Singapore.

Asia Travel : Map of 10 Lorong Nangka (S) 425103
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Dear Users
Our Singapore Maps have escaped out the window!

They were last seen wearing many layers of data acquired through many hours of painstaking land surveys.

They are up-to-date and considered highly
The public is advised to avoid travelling to unfamiliar places in the meantime.

Rest assured, we’ve got our best men on the ground trying to bring them back, but we’ll need your help too!

We’ll tell you how in the days to come. 🙂