Invisible tandem bicycle

These boots are not made for walking!

While others might be wondering if Anwar really did sodomise his aide and whether that should be any of our own darn business, we were busy laughing at Mac the Dog, who unfortunately has had to try on a pair two pairs of boots because the vet thinks he might be allergic to grass.

We bought a set of black boots because it was the only one available in what we thought was Mac’s size (Size 3 for a Jack Russell Terrier, if you need to get a set yourself), and right now I’m very thankful that we didn’t get the army camo patterned ones, fashionable though they may be, because last night one of the boots fell off as Mac tried to scrabble his way to mark a tree.

Although we really shouldn’t be teasing our pets and laughing at their expense, it really is too good not to share when your dog looks like he’s got boxing gloves on all paws and while they’re on, walks as if he’s peddling an invisible tandem bicycle.

It only got less funny when he almost tipped his backside over his head walking down the stairs.

Adopting happiness: some considerations

We’ve realised that in advocating adopting cute, loving animals we have neglected to say that in doing so, you’re taking on some form of serious responsibility. Animals are not toys.

You need to make sure they’re healthy, and in the event they’re not, you have to seek the best possible solution for them. They cannot look after themselves.

Take Mac for example. He’s a sensitive little blossom, allergic to quite a lot of things, including, we suspect, grass. After several weeks of ointments, antibiotics (some of which he was allergic to as well), he was still very much the itchy dog, and spent quite a lot of time with his head in a plastic cone.

It was only a recent change in medication and treatment strategy that he’s been a little more relieved. Or else it’s quite a hassle having to watch him when he doesn’t have the cone on. He just can’t help but stick his paw into his mouth and chew like there’s no tomorrow.

A couple of times we’ve told visitors, “Don’t stress the dog or he’ll bite himself”, and we’re happy that things are looking less itchy for him now.

Part of his new diet (the bulk of which is a superhypoallergenic expealidocious dog food) includes a slice of papaya each day. Thank goodness he loves it.