I have a friend who’s a knight. You got or not?

We attended Hossan’s “knighting” ceremony Friday night at the French ambassador’s residence. There was no pomp and very little ceremony, which suited us fine, although the newly minted Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres cut a dash in his Ted Baker suit bought off the rack for the occasion.

And when the French ambassador rattled off his achievements before the presentation, the flush of pride on everyone’s faces (Hossan’s family members included) turned to tortured stifled giggles when he got to “Asian Boys Vol.1, Mardi Gras and Top or Bottom.” Dunno lah. So childish, all of us. But good lah, that someone who’s bringing so much joy to our lives – and according to ST readers polled, is joint fifth top national icon – is being recognised in this manner.

Vive la vie! Baguette! Croissant!

Singapore Pledge – Hossan Leong Show version

Raffles City Shoppers’ Exclusive Discount
Hossan is offering a 20% discount to all Raffles City Shoppers! Simply spend $50 in Raffles City from 9-31 July 2010 and present your receipt at the SISTIC counter located on level 1 of Raffles City to receive the discount.

Terms & Conditions:
– Discount is only applicable to Category 1 tickets ($68).
– Discount is only applicable to tickets purchased for shows on Sundays to Thursdays and weekday matinees.
– Ticket price is not inclusive of SISTIC fees.
– A single receipt with a minimum spend of $50 must be presented at point of ticket purchase

Win tickets to The Hossan Leong Show!
Simply watch the promotional video, answer a question and stand to be one of the 3 winners to win a pair of tickets to the show.

The Hossan Leong Show

The Hossan Leong Show

We worked through a sleepy Monday afternoon trying to find a rhyming word for Lau Sai, to be put into one of six original songs written (or in the process of being written) for the show.

As the flyer says, The Hossan Leong Show is a tv show that’s not on tv, because there are just too many things you can’t say or do on air.

Like the joke Hossan told me (just to break the tension – writing comedy is stressful business) about the Japanese tourist who goes on holiday in the States and goes to a money changer to convert his yen into dollars and is disturbed to find that he gets fewer dollars than he expects.

“Why so little ne?”, he asks, to which the helpful money changer explains that it’s due to “fluctuations”.

Shocked, he yells at the money changer, “Well, fluck you Amelicans too”.

Joe Augustin got what?

It was with shock and horror that I logged in to Facebook for the first time in yonks, to read amongst the hundreds of superpokes and superclittickles that Joe Augustin got fired.

I haven’t listened to radio for so long that I’ve never listened to 91.3FM (the station that fired Joe), much less known about his axing, even much more lesser known about the circumstances surrounding his axing, even though it’s been making waves on the ingterneck and other non-mainstream meejums.

The only inkling I had that something was going down was when a friend in the radio business texted in reply to my asking how things were, that things were “ok, except for upheaval in the radio industry”.

But, yeah. So if you want to listen to Joe Augustin in his new old former revamped radio show, tune in to Power98 (98FM) in the mornings, sit back, relax, and wait for the next upheaval.