DIY Stroganoff

We haven’t visited a restaurant that serves beef stroganoff since the last time I wrote about it, and suggestions from readers haven’t been taken up either – too far lah, sorry.

But we did manage to fix up a dinner using Jamie Oliver’s recipe for it, which requires “a small glass of brandy”. We got some cognac instead from a really old bottle that was just sitting around in Naomi’s mum’s house. I think she’s had it since Chiang Kai Shek was Generalissimo of the Republic of China.

It wasn’t half bad, and we might have staved off the hankering for a while.

Contemplating potatoes

Heart potato
I wouldn’t have the heart to peel this potato. Photo by cuorhome

I had to peel 1kg of potatoes earlier tonight because we’re preparing a stew for dinner tomorrow for the family.

It doesn’t take that long, but it does give you enough time to wonder about things as you take one potato at a time out of the bag that says it contains 1kg of potatoes.

Things such as, “How do they make it exactly 1kg of potatoes?”

And then wondering if they have a person at the potato packing plant putting potatoes in the bag and putting the bag on a scale and going, “Damn! 0.995kg! Can you swap this potato for a slightly larger one? Just a little bit larger ok? How much larger? Use your brains! Just give me one that looks 5g heavier than this one, dammit!”

And then wondering if the 1kg bag is really 1kg.

And then wondering where besides Mustafa I can get weighing scales at this hour.