Arc Children’s Centre

We were very happy to support Arc Children’s Centre during the run of Hossan-Ah: Celebrating 20 Leong Years.

If you didn’t manage to catch the show, Arc Children’s Centre provides a safe environment for children suffering from terminal illnesses and who cannot attend regular school or activities like other healthy kids.

They have a 2000sf place in Balestier where these kids are provided with activities and education. The children’s families are also provided with support – especially if they’re from non-English/Mandarin speaking ¬†backgrounds.

Do check them out and learn more about what they do. And if you’re able to in any capacity, help them out.

Meet the Karen Cheng

Doing the Karen Cheng

I’ve been following Karen Cheng’s blog on and off since blogs were invented way back in 1976. If you’re not already a fan, she’s a hot Perth mother of two lovely kids who blogs about her family, shopping et cetera on a very pretty self-designed website at

On occasion, she takes self-portraits in a manner which has spawned this viral thing called “doing the Karen Cheng“, where someone takes pictures of themselves in front of a mirror, with the camera visible in the picture, and with their heads tilted at a specific, precise angle, facing north by northwest.

The point of this all is that Karen will be visiting Singapore for the first time in six years, and instead of merely dropping in on the shops and hanging out with friends, she has decided to also raise money for the Singapore Red Cross while she’s here.

On Saturday, 5 July at a location to be finalised on the Facebook event page, she will “do the Karen Cheng” in front of a, preferably large, mirror. And everyone is invited to attend and “do the same Karen Cheng”, and donate $10 to the Red Cross.

If that sounds even remotely dodgy to you, maybe you, like me, have impure thoughts, and should really read Karen’s blog post for a clearer explanation.

(Thanks for the alert, Lancerlord)