Tag: Breakfast

  • Simply Bread

    One of the great things about Naomi being pregnant is that we’re really enjoying our food. I mean, really enjoying our food. Yes, we know that we have to make the calories count and not overeat and all that, but this eating (properly) for two thing has given our kitchen a new purpose, a new…

  • Breakfast served with the news

    We get up in the mornings and make breakfast of yogurt and honey, kiwifruit and plum, strawberry and raspberry, a glass of milk and a banana, and then eat while watching the horrible, horrible things on the news channels.

  • Weekend breakfast

    We live in such times as that where we don’t have time for a good meal to kick start the day because the day has already been kick-started and we’ve been dragged along, hanging on to the handlebars for dear life. Oh, and the price of food and other household items suck too. But if…