Drinks with The Karen Cheng

Drinks with Karen Cheng @ Fashion Bar

It’s been a rough week battling the flu, and an exhausting two-day hiccupping fit, so I was really happy to finally get to meet one of my favourite bloggers in the entire um… blogosphere, and it turns out she was uni mates with one of my oldest friends who used to date one of her close friends. Small wurl!

Karen, It was really good meeting you and Andrew, finally! And the next time we meet up, it should be in a nice park in Perth, with the boys, and maybe a dog or two.

Oops! I just went to your blog and you write that it’s your 30th birthday! Happy Birthday Karen Cheng!

How apt, because I was just about to write about how old I am beginning to feel at drinks in a club, and about how I felt better when Andrew said he asked the bar manager to turn up the lights because it was a little dark and he was an old man who couldn’t see properly.

But it was really really good to get out and do a bloggers’ meet type thingie again, and quite a few of my new acquaintances were filling me in on the pulse of the blogosphere, and fashion and stuff, and why I shouldn’t be offended if they say that I might “like vintage fashion because I can get away with it”.

Just kidding, Dottie and Stephie. I wasn’t offended. Not one bit. I like my green polo shirt.

The “Doing The Karen Cheng For Charity” event that Karen’s thought up is still on tomorrow (Sat 5 July) at Indochine’s Forbidden City, 3A Merchant Court, Clarke Quay, 3 – 5pm, so bring your cameras and $10 to donate to the Red Cross.

Meet the Karen Cheng

Doing the Karen Cheng

I’ve been following Karen Cheng’s blog on and off since blogs were invented way back in 1976. If you’re not already a fan, she’s a hot Perth mother of two lovely kids who blogs about her family, shopping et cetera on a very pretty self-designed website at

On occasion, she takes self-portraits in a manner which has spawned this viral thing called “doing the Karen Cheng“, where someone takes pictures of themselves in front of a mirror, with the camera visible in the picture, and with their heads tilted at a specific, precise angle, facing north by northwest.

The point of this all is that Karen will be visiting Singapore for the first time in six years, and instead of merely dropping in on the shops and hanging out with friends, she has decided to also raise money for the Singapore Red Cross while she’s here.

On Saturday, 5 July at a location to be finalised on the Facebook event page, she will “do the Karen Cheng” in front of a, preferably large, mirror. And everyone is invited to attend and “do the same Karen Cheng”, and donate $10 to the Red Cross.

If that sounds even remotely dodgy to you, maybe you, like me, have impure thoughts, and should really read Karen’s blog post for a clearer explanation.

(Thanks for the alert, Lancerlord)

Secret blog of a P65 MP: Part 6

P65 - It's Where We Talk
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Dear Blog,

Yes, it is time to move on to other things, put things in perspective and focus on the big picture. There have been so much negative news lately that I imagine Singaporeans would be quite disheartened if they were to continue talking about them.

So kudos to my colleagues for taking the lead and posting their musings on other things that make us Singaporean.

There are so many unique things about Singapore that we tend to forget and overlook, and we should be proud of our culture and heritage, and remember what makes us attractive to foreigners. Do not forget that other countries are also developing fast, and taking in more than their fair share of talented foreigners. We must not lose out.

In order to do that, we must embrace the global economy and various global cultures, but within limits, of course. And foreigners who want to embrace our own economy and culture must also understand and accept these limits.

It is time to repair our reputation, and I hope every Singaporean will join me in doing so.

More later. I have to check on our security guard and make sure he is not sleeping. We backbenchers don’t have Gurkhas from the GC. Those guys never fall asleep on the job.

-P65 Roxx!

Secret blog of a P65 MP: Part 4

Blogs languish in high-tech Singapore
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Dear Blog,

I know we will never hear the end of it until we appear to be engaging the public in cyberspace. Like I said, we are all very busy, and although it is only myself, Lam Pin Min and Baey Yam Keng who are actively blogging, the public should rest assured that our views are the same once we put them online.
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