The Sea-Monkey Diaries, Part Three

Day 5

No, we’re not bored with our new pets yet! No, they’re not glorified dried larvae. They’re alive and they’re feeding on the tiny spoonful of gunk we scraped out of sachet 3. Just as well we got to watch them feed and defecate (yup, they shit), because it was a depressing American Idol day, when our favourite Idol contestant of all time was not voted into the finals.

For the benefit of those who need to see moving pictures before they believe that Sea-Monkeys are real animals:

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The Sea-Monkey Diaries, Part Two

No, even closer!

It’s Day 5 of our Sea-Monkey adventure, and the little fellas seem to be doing very well. More have hatched, and the ones that were born earlier seem to have grown fairly quickly, and are now maybe 4mm long. (We’re told that they grow up to 1/2 – 3/4 inch long).

If anything, this is a great alternative to television, computer games and reading, if you, like Naomi, is undergoing a very long and annoying convalescence on account of two slipped discs, and we’re not saying this just so we can fob this purchase off as a therapeutic aid and fend off suggestions that we’re whimsical like that. OK? Can?

Tonight, we’ll be putting in sachet 3, which contains ‘growth food’ for the critters, and which is supposed to make them grow even bigger. Stay tuned!

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The Sea-Monkey Diaries, Part One

And make sure your existing pet doesn't get jealous

Our Amazing Live Land-Cat, Jake, takes a closer look at the latest additions to the household: The Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys

You know how when you suddenly realise you’ve not experienced something in your childhood that every other person did when they were kids, and you feel this immense urge to experience it no matter what?

For me, this sudden realisation occurred when Naomi asked me, half-surprisedly, the other half, tauntingly, “What you mean you never had Sea-Monkeys when you were a kid?”

Actually, no. I wouldn’t have been bothered to do anything about it if not for the fact that she went on to tell me how, as a small child, she had tried rearing Sea-Monkeys and how they’d been fun even though she’d lost interest in them after a week because they didn’t look anything like the fun-loving, snorkelling, grinning, monkey-like creatures depicted on the packaging and in advertisements in comic books.

In response, I said that my mother had bought me the highly sought after Six Million Dollar Man Action Figure in a pink tracksuit, the one where you can look through his bionic eye through this plastic 1x zoom lens at the back of his bionic head. (In this regard, I added, I had been much more privileged than one of my peers, mrbrown, whose mother had refused to be budged by his rationale that, Ma, $50 for a 6 million dollar man is cheap, what‘.)

Of course, Naomi merely shot me a look that said in no uncertain terms that if I gave her another non-sequitur response, I had to be prepared to suffer her wrath like nobardy’s bizness. So I stopped. And told myself nair mind, I can still write this on my blog because it’s quite farny whaaat!

Just add waterSo, as you already know, we up and went to Toys R Us, and mulled over the choices available to us in terms of Sea-Monkey accommodation styles before settling on the Sunken Treasure Ship Edition. We tried to mask our excitement at the cashiers’ as we paid for our new pets, because we were really excited about getting the world’s only instant pets, which was really something, because, you know, with other animals, you have to do so many things before they, you know, become pets?

“Not bad lah”, I said nonchalantly as if merely making a snide remark while purchasing a gift for a young relative or friends’ kid, “$30 to buy 60-70 live animals quite cheap what, hor?”

I stopped there, but not before Naomi shot me a look that said I think you better stop now, while the cashier just rang up the sale, unperturbed, because she’s probably seen hundreds of adults buying kiddy things pretending they’re for a young relative or a friend’s kid.

Instant pets! As easy as 1, 2, 3...Then, we got the new additions to the household home, the sunken treasure ship tank, all 70 odd Sea-Monkey eggs, water-purifier and growth food in three separate sachets marked 1, 2 and 3, and were deeply disappointed to learn that we had to wait at least 24 hours after adding sachet 1 to 300cc of water before adding sachet 2, which contained the 70-odd Sea-Monkey eggs.

Instant pets my ass, we thought before we waited out the 24 hours patiently, doing other things in the meantime, before time came to Yay! Add sachet 2! Add sachet 2! Add sachet 2!

So we did:

Or rather, add to water (Day 2)

And within minutes, we could see several Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys wriggling like nobody’s business except mosquito larvae’s, and spent the next several hours staring at the different parts of the Sea-Monkey tank, and trying to count how many of our new pets had hatched.

It is Day 3 of our Sea-Monkey adventure, and we are of the opinion that there are at least 40 odd live Sea-Monkeys in our tank, and invite you to tune in to our regular reports on their growth and general well-being!

Like, press your face to the screen, goddamit!
Look closely!

No, even closer!
No! Closer!

watch closer...
Yah! Press your face to the screen, can?

Sea-Monkey Flickr Set

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