The Sea-Monkey Diaries, Part Eight

Mating Sea-MonkeysWe’re still enamored with our little critters, and we’re very pleased to report that we think that one of the ten sea-monkeys may be pregnant because she or it is sporting what looks like an egg sac.

Furthermore, last night, one of the other sea-monkeys latched on to the apparently pregnant one and has been attached since. We read on sea-monkey sites that they’re mating.

No, we have no idea why the pregnant sea-monkey would still mate when there are others for the, um, male sea-monkey to choose from, though we can’t be sure if any of the others are female. Or if these two are really mating. Or if the one with the egg-sac-looking like sac is really pregnant.

Oh well.

Mating Sea-Monkeys

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The Sea-Monkey Diaries, Part Seven

State of the union

For the benefit of those who are wondering if we’ve upturned the tank into the toilet, we’re pleased to report that we’ve spotted three tiny baby sea-monkeys in the tank, and they seem to be frisky and swimming around the increasingly murky water, which is filled with sea-monkey-faecal matter and carcasses.

Yes, there have been deaths, but that’s the natural course of things. There are about 10 to 15 adult sea-monkeys left, and they’re each about 1cm long.

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The Sea-Monkey Diaries, Part Six


Our colony is doing well, with the little creatures being swimming in vertical circles, even darting this way and that. And all we have to do is feed them a tiny spoonful of sachet 3 once every two days.

So, that having been taken care of, I’ve been taking a bit of time to exercise, going for 4km runs once every couple of days. And when I’m not able to manage a trot – the joints being a bit dodgy and all, I’ve walked. And I keep wondering why I forget how nice it is to take a walk in spite of the heat and humidity.

And then I remember what I’ve told myself many many times before. You can either complain about the weather or you can marvel at how a drop of rain feels on the back of your hand. Or in this case, how perspiration beads on your skin the moment you leave your apartment.

Then there are the cats of Chip Bee Gardens. They assemble on the pavements outside their homes and stare across the street at each other, meowing their greetings, and waiting for the right moment to caterwaul and congregate, because the time is right. Or something. You never know with these cats. But cute, lah. Or when it’s just rained, and the ground is damp, and the smell of rain and rotting leaves rise from the asphalt, mingle with that of doggie and cat poo and assault your nose, making you run / trot a little bit quicker.

Then you get to the shops, buy what you’re supposed to buy, lug the plastic bags back to where you came from, turn on the air-con as high as she’ll go, take off your shirt in the kitchen and start making dinner, cursing that you’ve forgotten the garlic, even though you wrote it down in your list.

The Sea-Monkey Diaries, Part Five

It’s a case of Monkey See, Monkey Do. Or Sea-Monkey See, Monkey Do, if you want to be more specific. Or Sea-Monkey Sea-Monkey Do…

But anyway, Paul Chan’s started his own colony. For the benefit of his kids, of course. Of course! And I’ve been told that they’ve run out of Sea-Monkey kits at the Toys R Us at Tampines.

There’s nothing wrong with raising Sea-Monkeys, but if you want to assuage your guilt, you can blame this blog, or if you have kids, just say it’s for them. It’s an educational tool after all. (Daddy, is it true that female Sea-Monkeys can fertilize their own eggs? Does that make them Lebanese Sea-Monkeys? Or are they simply Homogenous?)

If you can’t be bothered, then just watch tv. Speaking of which, how about that American Idol huh? Congratulations Jordin Sparks. What an Idol, what a name for an Idol.

Looking back to the beginning of the season, and as much as I’d rather forget, I’m recalling and admitting to saying that I thought Sanjaya Malakar was a hit, and that he ‘got my vote’.

Next time, must be very careful what I write.

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The Sea-Monkey Diaries, Part Four


I suppose when you’re a Sea-Monkey, it doesn’t really matter whether you keep swimming upside down, with your legs above your body, when other species of shrimp don’t.

Then again, you’ve got three eyes.

And it’s a little disturbing to see excrement tails so long.


The Amazing ‘Live’ Sea-Monkeys:

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