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It's a fire.  What to do.

“Spanish mobs firebomb National Stadium in protest against ICJ ruling allowing the use of the word “Ole” in Singaporean football supporters’ chants.”

Actually, it’d be a good way to get rid of the National Stadium. And one other thing about the word “Olé”:

From Wikipedia:

olé: The most famous expression of approval, support or encouragement, possibly comes from wa-llah ? ???? , by Allah!

Malaysia, truly crazier

Malaysia airlines 747-400

I’ve always said that no matter how bad one thinks Singapore is, there’s always Malaysia to make us thankful we don’t live there.

I also think that the whole violence and burning of churches and temples could’ve been avoided if Malaysia had faster broadband connections. The ingterneck is so slow that you’d get really angry waiting for something to download. And when you want to flame someone, the connection drops out.

Unlike here, where our internet connections are just slower than the other modern Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Hong Kong.

So on my one-of-Asia’s-fastest-broadband connections, I was able to come across this post on which had some stuff which would’ve made for a segment on a show if not for the fact that it’s not that funny, and that the MDA would go berserk and scream bloody racial sensitivity.

Malaysian Religious Fanatic with Slow Broadband: We have zero tolerance on the use of the word ‘Allah’ by non Muslims! From now on we will firebomb the following:
The State of Allah-ska!
The State of Allah-bama!
Any structure made with Allah-baster!
People who exclaim Allah-mak!
The Disney movie Allah-Din

Any others you can think of that will incite violent behaviour? Put it on our blacklist here!