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I haven’t figured out what to do with this yet. Enjoy ancient posts from the last 20-something years or so.

  • Planes I’ve Been On – Part 1

    Because of our recent flurry of travel, and the accompanying explaining of trains, planes and other vehicles to our son, I’ve compiled a list of aircraft I’ve been on, and the airlines who flew the flights. Yes, it does show my age.

  • SG Buzz: Boston, Chicago, And Pittsburgh

    SG Buzz: Boston, Chicago, And Pittsburgh

    I was honoured to be invited to speak last week to Singaporeans working and studying in three American cities. Organized by the US Liaison of the Overseas Singaporean Unit – the same people who bring Singapore Day to known Singaporean hubs around the world – the talks were held at cozy venues which also featured…

  • Help For Autism

    Help For Autism

    I’ve very little experience in or knowledge of what care is needed or available for children on the autism spectrum. But I had a chance to speak with a friend with an autistic child, who has discovered a lesser known method of care that may be able to help. Please read and help me share…

  • Brands Commence Schooling, Including Brands

    Brands Commence Schooling, Including Brands

    While Joseph Isaac Schooling experiences a Great Way To Fly home on Singapore Airlines First Class, let’s take a look at what who else has come on board the brand wagon. McDonalds Brands Singtel SPH Any more coming on? Media buy bulk discount! Facebook Comments Box

  • My Father And The Melbourne Olympics

    My Father And The Melbourne Olympics

    I’ve told this story many times before, but as the Olympic Games get under way in Rio, I remember again my father’s stint sixty years ago at the Melbourne Olympics: In another age altogether, my father scored a temp job at the Melbourne Olympics as a general clerk/intern assisting the accounts department. The Games then…

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