Forget About Budget 2013: Here’s How To Ride In A Luxury Car

Instead of forking out $100K cash to get anywhere close to buying a car, I strongly urge you to download Uber and sign up for access to an entire fleet of Audis, BMWs, Mercedes and Jaguars, chauffeured, ready to pick you up when you most need a ride.

Here’s how:


Yes, you read correctly – you get $30 of Uber credits when you sign up under my promo code! Fasterly do now! (You can just click on the image to do that).

The Twitter Singapore Pledge Moment

It started a month ago, when I asked Tan Chuan-Jin over Twitter what his favourite part of the Pledge was.

We then had a few conversations off Twitter about ideas for getting Singaporeans to participate in the Pledge over the National Day period. After that, mrbrown, myself and a few friends thought it’d be great if the Minister for Manpower could lead the Pledge on Twitter.

Then, since he was on board, we asked (persistently) our classmate to ask his boss, the Prime Minister of Singapore, if he’d participate. As you can see in the selected updates below – PM Lee tweeted just once. Still, we are thrilled to have helped orchestrate this whole thing.

Follow the #PledgeSG hashtag
Follow the #iamsingaporean hashtag

Don’t forget to share your thoughts at Pledge.SG

For All Singaporean Taxi Drivers: A Special Warning

Chris Reed, who has “25 years of senior marketing experience on both the client and agency side in the UK and now in Asia Pacific” published a badly written rant about our country’s taxi drivers and tried to disguise it as an opinion piece on the website Singapore Business Review.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but there is no need to be such a douchebag – check out his condescending responses to comments – and wank over everyone.

In support of our taxi drivers against such douchebaggism, some friends have made this animated gif for you to pass on to taxi drivers you meet today (or have their contact details handy). Please pass it on.

Downtown Line Accident Donation To Close

At 2359hrs on Friday, 27 July, Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) will stop collecting donations for the victims of last week’s Downtown Line construction site accident.

If donations marked “Bugis MRT accident” are still received after the deadline, the organization will email the donor asking whether he/she would like a refund or if the donation should be put towards the organization’s general fund. Refunds will be made promptly.

If however the donation is received after the deadline marked “Bugis MRT accident” but without contact information, there will be no way to pose that question, and the donation will be accepted into the organization’s general fund.

The public response to the donation drive has been fantastic, and I’m glad to know that there are people who care enough.

UOB Mobile App lets you send cash to people

Quite a while ago myself and a bunch of people were treated to a preview of UOB’s mobile banking app. Most banks in Singapore have adopted mobile banking in one way or another. (There are some banks which still haven’t grasped this, or are unable to – and their idea of mobile banking is to make sure you are mobile enough to run from branch to branch).

UOB’s great bell and whistle is to enable users to send cold hard cash to other people, even if they’re not UOB customers, and even if they don’t have an ATM card.

The recipient has to have his/her IC No. registered in your list of transferees on your internet banking first, so you can’t add someone on the fly and send them money. This puts paid to my main concern that loan sharks and other undesirable people might use this to their advantage.

The one scenario where sending cash could be really useful is when you forget your wallet, together with cash and ATM card, and you really really need to buy something before going home. You just have to send yourself money. Problem solved.

The blog Fash-Eccentric has outlined the steps needed to do this, so I won’t go into the details.

What’s quite fun to play with, however, is the app’s augmented reality UOB card promotions finder. If you’re out about town, you simply turn on the feature, use your phone like a scanner to locate eateries with UOB discounts:

As you can see, Li Bai Restaurant is in my cereal box, and The Song Of India is sandwiched next to my bread bin.

UOB Mobile Banking App is available for iOS and Android.