Kumar’s Amazing Race

The past couple of years, I’ve said it’s a privilege working with the funniest drag queen on the planet.

Nothing’s changed in that respect. In fact, it’s been even more fun exploring all things Indian. From Little India to real India. We’re still trying to get to the bottom of the whole Thaipusam-cannot-play-drums-or-music debacle, and we’re quite certain we have the solution.

Just thought I’d post this before tickets sell out. They really are selling fast, so please, if you want to watch Kumar at the Esplanade this year, fasterly book now.

Ingterneck company boss pwned by Rockson’s Horse

It’s been an entertaining couple of days online.

I guess sometimes when someone appears rude to you, you might take it personally and react in the dumbest possible way. I feel for Nuffnang’s @bossming, Mr Cheo, cos it’s pretty hard to live down this epic pwnage, especially if you’re the boss of an internet social media new generation funky startup company that’s supposed to know how the web works.

For the rest of us, we’ve been around the ingterneck long enough to know you don’t mess with the Rock, even if he blogs just once a year.

KNN, my Horse is so big, can win a GRC all by himself, I think! Hahahahahahahaahahaha!

Construction mystery redux

Last March, I wrote about the construction site next door making all sorts of strange noises very early in the morning, and then being quiet the rest of the day, and got a great explanation in the comments from someone in the construction business.

He also explained how, at the end of a construction project, the noise tends to build up again, which is exactly what’s happening the last couple of mornings.

From what we can see, it looks like two sets of semi-detached houses (equalling two full houses, or four dwellings) are in the final stages of construction, but from what we can hear through our pillows on these sleep deprived mornings, the construction sounds like a bunch of Bangladeshis are building a giant Trojan Rabbit:

How come we didn’t think of doing this before?

We were short of a couple of organic ingredients for a food project Sunday afternoon, and the usual supermarkets didn’t stock them. So we called up a couple of places in the “far north western farming corridor” and drove out.

It only took 25 minutes to get to the first farm, and we got our produce with time to spare for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake at Bollywood Veggies (who even gave us a loaf of banana bread because we were the last customers and it would’ve gone to waste otherwise).

When Kai, and the rest of us, get over this horrid flu, we’re coming back here.

Quan Fa's little store tucked away in a cargo container
One of many cute signs at Bollywood Veggies
Jackfruit cake