Shanghai winter wonderland

This afternoon, Shanghai threw us a welcome blanket of the heaviest snowfall I’ve seen in years.

Much as we’d like to step back outside and play in the mush, Kai’s fast asleep on my chest, and Naomi’s ‘resting her eyes’ in the bedroom.

And probably for the first time since Naomi’s brother’s passing, this town feels like a happy place.

Useful Christmas Gifts #6: Nespresso Christmas Variations

If you wanted to buy someone a Nespresso machine (wah, so generous, can I be your friend?), but they already have one, you could, this festive season, buy them a couple of tubes of the limited edition Christmas variations. This is especially good if you’re always bumming Nespresso off your friends when they invite you over, and you feel a bit guilty for depleting their stock.

There’s vanilla, almond and caramel. If you’re not already a Nespresso Club member, you can head down to their boutiques at Ion Orchard and Takashimaya to try them and buy them.

Meantime, before you leave your computer to do so, check out the entertaining and niftily animated game again.

Still made by hand, but sold out like a business

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to have lunch at the Raffles City branch of The Handburger. The previous times we ate there, they hadn’t gotten their “brand new look” yet, and we liked their burgers enough to eat there several times.

So we had really high hopes for a tasty burger lunch, but they were soon dashed by a young waiter who appeared either really ill with a cough and cold or was putting on a show of being really ill with a cough and cold. He coughed and sniffled into the palm of his hand several times, then went and served food without first going to wipe up whatever he sneezed or coughed into his hand.

I complained to the manager on duty, who said he’d speak to the waiter. About fifteen minutes later, the waiter was still doing the same thing, prompting me to ask the manager what he’d said to the waiter.

The manager then asked me, “What did the waiter do or say to you?”, prompting me to explain the whole thing again, this time, loud enough for the other patrons to hear. He then apologized and came back with a receipt that said he’d wiped out the service charge on our bill. Really nice of him to do so.

Then came the food. We began to ask him why the burgers were so amazingly tough, and before we finished asking our question, he explained that that was a common query, and that management had told him to tell patrons that with the new setup (and brand new look), they now “separate the fat from the meat, so with less fat, it is no longer so tender”. We quickly abandoned our second question of why the milkshake was so watery.

You heard it here. The Handburger sells bullshit.

Useful Christmas Gifts #5: Walking With Dinosaurs

When he heard there was a show called Walking With Dinosaurs, a wiseacre I know said, “Hey, isn’t that when you join the entourage of a PAP MP election walkabout?”

I didn’t have much high hopes for it to be an entertainment highlight of our weekend either, but if you were to have seen our baby boy’s delight in watching what he calls “Didotaur” in action, you might just feel that the price of admission is worth it. (Tickets range from $38 – $148 for this 100min show).

Kai even sat in his seat through intermission, chanting, “Didotaur” for the whole 15 minutes. We had to go and buy him a Didotaur soft toy later because he kept signing (we taught him sign) for “more” after we left the arena.

So if you know of anyone with kids who don’t know what to do this weekend, buy them tickets.