And people keep on giving

I have to word this very carefully so as not to get the kind people in trouble.

At an unnamed hospital yesterday where I’m looking to purchase some unnamed maternity things, an unnamed senior staff attending to me apologizes for not having any of the things for sale because of stock issues.

She then whispers conspiratorially, “try ABC Hospital, I think they may have some of the things you want”.

All this time, the senior staffer’s supervisor/manager hovers around, managing and supervising, generally making sure that everything is in order, and that good service is being performed.

The unnamed senior staffer walks me to the exit, apologizing all the way for the lack of stock, saying that there are boxes of the stuff not for sale because they’re for ‘internal use’, opens the door to see me out, and surreptitiously passes me a box of the stuff not for sale and motions for me to make a run for it.

This parenting cult is cool.

Local bloggers immortalised on Singapore Grand Prix street circuit!

From I.Z.:

In February, Today newspaper held its Name That Turn contest and invited everyone to come up with unique names for turns 1, 7 and 10 of Formula 1’s historic night race in the heart of the Lion City! Today, I can provide you with this exclusive, direct from the folks from Today newspaper and the Singapore Grand Prix organisers. They have decided to name all 24 turns after local bloggers!

Leonard Thomas who is one of the judges says, “Initially we called for suggestions to name only three of the turns but we were overwhelmed by the response so we thought we should name all 24 turns instead. One of the suggestions was to name them after local bloggers. We thought it’s a great idea and decided to scrap the contest all together and we will name the turns after these bloggers ourselves. I can reveal to you three of the turns will be named after I.Z. Reloaded, Mr Brown and Miyagi. We will announce other names soon.”

F1 Supremo Bernie Ecclestone says, “Naming all the turns and corners at the Marina Bay circuit after these popular Singapore bloggers is good for the Singapore Grand Prix and the worldwide television audience. People like to identify exciting corners and we are extremely happy with these name choices.”