An early Christmas wish

Fried fish

Please Santa, if you will come by this Christmas, bring for our neighbour downstairs of us:

A cooker hood extractor fan that is really powerful and that is ducted to discharge the smell from their kitchen out through the other side of the building instead of the stairwell because they always leave their front door open and they really really like to eat fish that smells like it’s been deep fried in palm oil.

It’s not so bad if it’s between quotation marks

Breaking News
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Don’t worry, it’s not really a recession. It’s just a “recession“. Technical recession. Not a full-blown one, which will come next year.
When you put things between quotation marks, it means it’s not real.

Which is probably why it’s ok to raise electricity tariffs by 22%.

It’s actually quite fun putting quotation marks in news articles and seeing how the tone changes:
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