Telling behaviour

Today, while waiting in the waiting room of a medical imaging place, a lady walked in with who I think is her elderly mother, and they spoke to the radiologist/medical imaging dude guy, and then they made their way out. I sez to them, ‘hang on, lemme get the door for you’, to which the lady sez, ‘are you Singaporean?’, to which I sez, ‘Why, yes, why would you think otherwise’?.

Of course, I paraphrase. I actually merely sezzed to her, ‘Um yes‘, to which she sezzed back while her mother wandered off alone down the hallway of the medical imaging place, ‘Hmmm, surprising‘.

So, the non-surprising thing to do, as a proud Singaporean, would have been to let them get the door themselves, and then mutter under one’s proud Singaporean breath, that, ‘wah lao, this place the MRI so expensive, automatic door also dowan to install, all the money go inside the doctor pocket lah! You think what? One MRI so much already, long time ago already pay off the machine whaaaat!’, seeing as ’tis the proud Singaporean season to justify prices and salaries (‘The Great Singapore Pay-Scale is followed in May by the Great Singapore Sale‘, says a paragraph in the 2007 Visit Singapore e-Brochure’, or something).

I know there are ugly types in every country, but the other day, my friend told me of a trip to one of KL’s wonderful pirated DVD shopping complexes, and how when he was positively identified as a Singaporean, was given a sales pitch for ‘the season finale of American Idol 2007, America haven’t see yet, we got already, nair bluff you one, many people buy already! You buy together with complete season of Heroes, I give you discount’!

Anyway, back to medical imaging. You know how they’re always touting the safetynessness of x-rays, MRIs and CT scans, and how they don’t really damage you unless you were pregnant or if you had a pacemaker, or had some metal inside or on your body? If they’re so safe, then maybe they could make self-operated photo booths which dispensed x-rays, MRIs and CTs like Neoprint stickers. Wouldn’t that be cool?

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Hooray for Bangladesh, and hooray for Dhaka Corner, for screening Cricket World Cup matches free for the thousands of Bangladeshi Foreign Talent working in Singapore. Otherwise it’s pay-per-view and that-is-the-sucks.

Much as I don’t like soccer, hooray also for Mediacorp for screening local soccer league matches. About bloody time, I say. Now it’s time to put inter-school rugby (and other school sport) back on the telly too. Only then will you see us fighting for medals other than SEA Games trinkets.

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