Sometimes, going abroad makes you appreciate how normal Singapore is. Sometimes, it doesn’t.

a day in the CBD
Battery Road, Singapore

Frankly, I prefer juice
The drink that speaks frankly: McCallum Street, Singapore

Children nowadays come in different flavours
So if the children drink too much coffee they’ll be…

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Where is the Next One Coming From? from the album “Love Gets Strange — The Songs of John Hiatt” by Mitch Ryder of which I have the original CD.

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America’s Next Top Project Model Runway

Mr Miyagi and JadeNaomi grabs my arm and goes, ‘Look behind you, it’s the girl from Project Runway!’


‘That one! The one with the glasses!’

‘Oh. America’s Next Top Model lah!’

‘Yah! That’s what I said! You want to go ask her for a photo? Quick! She’s leaving!’

And so Jade obliges graciously before being laughed at by her two companions who mimic me asking her for a photo.

I think we watch too much tv.

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Everybody Plays the Fool from the album “Warm Your Heart” by Aaron Neville of which I have the original CD.

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Fit the bill?

enjoyClassifieds.comI reckon Spongebob Squarepants is out of the running for this personal ad on account of the shape of his head.

But for the rest of you oblong-headed lovelorn blokes out there, ed your soulmate is in Shanghai awaiting your response and your kind assistance in teaching her how to press the space bar after hitting the comma key:

He is a cool person, cialis real cool,not just pretending it…hes caucasian,age forty above,height oneeightsix cm above,weight eighty kg above,personality A level above,finance B level above,IQ A level above,his head in oblong shape, his favourite color maybe black,he doesnt enjoy a playboy life,hes not a sweet talker,hes not vulgar not hypocritical,he likes stage,hes responsible,he want a kid…Ill like to b his secret friend at beginning,marriage may not necessary,but i want a kid…U may think am picky,i only want a man suits me,miracle happen on the person who believes,its not easy to find him…if you saw him,please let me know.

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IMG_2767I think I brought the rain here. It hasn’t stopped since I arrived, and it doesn’t look like stopping before I leave.

So much for the highly anticipated self-guided walking tour of this grand city, which, at the moment, looks like a scene out of Bladerunner: Rain, neon billboards, flying taxis (well, they almost fly here), umbrella and raincoat parades, and food stalls selling all manner of what look like piping hot meals. Just no Harrison Ford character, or that woman who plays the cyborg whose name I can’t remember for the life of me, and can’t look up right now because I’m not connected to the internet because the internet connection here sucks.

But still, I’m here, and I’m sure as hell gonna make the most of it. Just need to pop in to a shop to buy an umbrella. Which means I’m gonna get wet trying to get to a shop. Ah, f*** it!