Podcast: Return of the condom heroes

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is the first time someone in Singapore has put money into a podcast apart from Mediacorp & SPH ones, which are like, you know, got a lot of money one?

As mrbrown would explain similarly, we were very happy to take on our sponsors because their products made for good podcast material. I mean, how often do you get paid to literally talk cock?

Not only did Okamoto Condoms sponsor the podcast, they’ve also created a contest where you stand to win up to $1,000 by answering some condom-related question.

And speaking of questions, this month’s series of the mrbrown show will feature a Condom Question segment in each episode. Real-life questions from real-life would-be condom users.

Orchid.jpgPodcast: the mrbrown show 6 Mar 06: return of the condom heroes


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Keong Saik afternoon

Keong Saik Road in Chinatown’s a collection of nice little eateries and boutique hotels. The URA calls it a conservation area, and in recent years, has stepped up the conservation efforts – by giving out awards – and of course, by letting the last licensed brothels remain in operation in between the new swanky businesses cropping up in the area, which, incidentally, is called the ‘Bukit Pasoh Conservation Area‘.

It is a nice but short stroll on Keong Saik Road, which is peppered with little establishments at which you can’t help but stop to take a peek (I’m not talking about the brothels). There was this little kids’ art gallery two doors down from a brothel, and an old shophouse with a signboard that read ‘Singapore Chinese Brass Musicians’ Association’.

Then there’s a newish place called ‘Whatever‘. At ‘Whatever’, you can buy most things as long as it’s got something to do with your wellness, from double espressos to Himalayan salt crystals.

It’s a pretty big business by the looks of it. Whatever takes up four units on Keong Saik Road, and includes a nice little eatery, where I had a decent vegetarian lunch of a 2-cheese onion jam and pesto sandwich with a mezze plate of dips followed by an apple crumble and a double espresso (wah lao, damned full, can?).

Keong Saik RoadKeong Saik RoadKeong Saik Road
Keong Saik RoadKeong Saik RoadKeong Saik Road
Keong Saik RoadKeong Saik RoadKeong Saik Road
Keong Saik afternoon Flickr set: Thanks Tym for telling me its ‘Road’, not ‘Street’

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Walking it on

I’ve stumbled on the side of twelve misty mountains,
I’ve walked and I’ve crawled on six crooked highways,
I’ve stepped in the middle of seven sad forests,
I’ve been out in front of a dozen dead oceans,

No lah, but going for a walk on the weekend, you get to see more things than, er, if you didn’t.

First up, there was this beautiful big yellow caterpillar that was, I think, trying to spin a cocoon or something but was facing a strong breeze that threatened to land it on my phone cam (or my face).

Then there was a startled lizard, then a tree (ok, accidentally took picture of it). Then there was this sweetheart of a doggie that walked alongside for a while, being friendly and all, until she had to take a dump. Then there was this man dressed up as a clown, but whom I didn’t take a picture of because I was as shy as he was sheepish.

But mostly, it was a lovely walk, with lush greenery and the occasional nice house to look at – check out the ‘abandoned house‘ with the huge bamboo thicket.

Sunday WalkSunday WalkSunday Walk
Sunday WalkSunday WalkSunday Walk
Sunday WalkSunday WalkSunday Walk
Sunday Walk Flickr Set

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Food sucks attitude good still eat

Spicy or OriginalIt was a dinner where everything threatened to spoil your meal.

First up, I was grumpy because it was a long day, and it had been a blazing saddles afternoon. Secondly, earlier plans of going to the supermarket to grab a couple of things to make dinner with was quickly thwarted by one glance at the bloody checkout queues.

So, a quick dinner was sought at the nearest place which still had seats left – being mindful that it was a Friday night.

As you may well know, there are several local ‘brand’ eateries, and one of them is ‘Cedele by Bakery Depot‘.

Cedele’s been known for a while for their fine sandwiches and hearty soups, but it’s also been known for not having consistency in the quality of their food across their many branches.

It was at Great World City’s branch of Cedele that I decided to plonk myself down for a quick meal, and where I saw on a banner a brand new menu featuring new hot meals like pastas and grilled stuff. ‘Hot Meals’, I think the banner header said.

So, I ordered a Hot Meal Set Meal, Menu B, for $16.50, which comprised an iced lemon tea, a vegetable soup and a roasted garlic and mushroom spaghetti.

The iced tea came first, and being the thirsty camel I was last night, I took a long sip of it before realising that the surface of the tea had specks of coagulated oil. You know you have to send the drink back, and you kinda expect the waiting staff to look either annoyed or bemused, or even puzzled because they can’t see what you’re seeing.

Not at this branch of Cedele, folks! The waiter looked worried and concerned! He took the tea back behind the counter and showed it to his colleagues, who then looked into the container of pre-made lemon teas, and discovered that the whole batch had oil in them.

Meantime, this crisis had spread beyond my table because another customer had also ordered iced lemon tea. The same waiter came and asked him whether he’d be ok ordering another type of drink, because ‘there’s something wrong with the iced lemon tea, sir’.

I observed the action stations behind the counter, and saw that they had isolated the problem – oily knives used to slice the lemons. Another staff member started furiously washing the knives, and they threw out the whole batch of tea.

So impressive!

Then my roasted garlic and mushroom spaghetti was served, and I tucked into the pasta with much gusto, only to find that the damned thing was damned motherfucking cheebye hot. As in spicy, you know?

But never mind ler, because I was starving, so I ate the whole thing and got up to get near a toilet in case the pasta burned for a second time.

But before I did, I asked a staff member if the ‘Hot’ in the ‘Hot Meals’ menu meant spicy. He said, ‘No, only the ones with chilli’. But I said mine was spicy, and the menu didn’t say it was. He said, ‘oh yah, it’s got some chilli in it’. And I said, ‘No, it was fucking hot!‘, and he said, ‘Oh, I am so sorry, you can talk to the service staff about it, but I’m so sorry’.

Now, it might not have been the most satisfactory answer you’d want in this situation, but credit is due for their attitude and tone of voice in dealing with a customer whose mouth is still burning from chilli flakes. You know? I might have overturned a table or smashed their cash register or something.

Spicy or Original

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More on poppy

More on poppy seeds and the baked items they’re sometimes on. Because I’m still disturbed by the discovery that it is (or is it ‘they are’) a controlled item. So, it was fun looking at some articles on the matter – that being that you could fail a routine drug test if you ate a poppy seed bun. Read especially this article from a site called ‘The Straight Dope’ (the name probably doesn’t refer to a dimwitted heterosexual).

Read it yet? Yah. So, what’s our stand on this? It’s ok to ban something because it serves some greater purpose? Like MRT doors working properly being more important than the enjoyment of chewing gum so ban chewing gum? Like guns and bullets are deadly so we’d better ban metal so they can’t be made?

I still think I ate a bagel with poppy seeds on it at some Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf! I’m gonna go there and find out!

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