What are you meant to do?

Nominative determinism
Miss Yong’s catering career was determined from an early age, keeping her family’s income secure, while younger sister Emma was allowed to pursue the dramatic arts.

I was happy to be sufficiently inebriated to enjoy Saturday night’s fireworks display from my friend’s balcony. (But I wasn’t that inebriated as to marvel at the fireworks and say something like ‘Wow, look at the fireworks, it looks like a screensaver’ – though that did cross my mind.)

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Heat from the album “Skin (Disc 1)” by Endorphin of which I have the original CD.

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What da heow? Happy New Year!

Port Sp Timessq2000
New York lah! You think what? Singapore so nice ah?

What da heow? Where 2005 go? Nabeh! I haven’t finish yet! Come back!
And I rue another year of being disorganised enough to not do enough things that I wanted to do.


No more rueing. If you find me rueing in 2006, kick me.

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Sydney lah!

 News Images 2003-2-18-Singapore-Party-1
This one then is Singapore. Doncha recognise the muted forms of celebration?

P.S. Happy New Year.

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