How long more?

How long more do we grieve? I don’t believe any of the editors at have even contemplated this. I was shocked this afternoon when I saw some of the comments following the post inviting people to contribute to our fund to be used for keeping, Sondra’s blog, going.

Sondra was an editor at and a friend. Granted, I may not have known her all that well, but I personally was for keeping her blog’s archives. No, let me correct myself – I did know Sondra. I worked with her. I just wish I knew her better. Now, I could have just downloaded everything off there and kept it myself – and remarks from a commenter who claims to be a personal friend of Sondra have rattled me a little.

I am sorry if I or anyone of us has caused offence.

I can’t speak for the rest, but maybe, doing what we did for Sondra was the only way we knew how.

As I mentioned before, mrbrown has been speaking with her sister, and we’ve asked her permission to keep Sondra’s blog. I don’t think we were absolutely sure we knew what was the right thing to do either.

I do not presume to speak for everyone else, even for the other editors on In fact, dissension has always been a part of the way the team worked. And while we do not presume to know what Sondra’s intentions would have been regarding her blog and its attendant public nature, we know she’d have been a part of this rigourous discussion if she were alive.

Given the furore we’ve unintentionally started, the thing I’m really missing now is an email from Sondra to the rest of the editorial team, stretching her two-cents’ worth of opinion on the matter.

I’m very sorry, Sondra, I’m voting to share your memories. And your friend who keeps commenting there? He, or she, sucks!

We miss you.

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